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def getWordScore(word, n):

    score = 0
    for i in word:
        score += SCRABBLE_LETTER_VALUES[i]
    if len(word) == n:
        return (score * len(word)) + 50
        return score * len(word

def validWord(word,hand):

    hand_cp = dict.copy(hand)
    for letter in word:
        if hand_cp.get(letter):

            hand_cp[letter] -= 1  # The letter is in our hand, so "use it up".
        else:                        # The letter isn't in our hand, so the word isn't valid.
            return False
    return True        # We haven't found any reason to return False, so this is a valid word.

def compChooseWord(hand, wordList, n):


    If no words in the wordList can be made from the hand, return None.

    hand: dictionary (string -> int)
    wordList: list (string)
    n: integer (HAND_SIZE; i.e., hand size required for additional points)

    returns: string or None

    # Create a new variable to store the maximum score seen so far (initially 0)
    bestScore = 0  # Create a new variable to store the best word seen so far (initially None)
    score = 0

    bestWord = None
                     # For each word in the wordList

    for word in wordList:
                         # If you can construct the word from your hand
        if len(hand) <=1:
            return None

        if validWord(word, hand):

            score = getWordScore(word,n)  # Find out how much making that word is worth

        if score > bestScore:    # If the score for that word is higher than your best score

            bestWord = word                   # Update your best score, and best word accordingly
            bestScore = score

    return bestWord  # return the best word  found.

# Problem #7: Computer plays a hand

def compPlayHand(hand, wordList, n):

    totalScore = 0    #  Keep track of the total score

    while compChooseWord(hand,wordList,n) is not None:     # As long as there are still usable letters left in the hand:

        print "Current Hand: ",                 # Display the hand

        word = compChooseWord(hand,wordList,n)  # comp chooses word

        hand = updateHand(hand,word)            #update hand

        getWordScore(word,n)                #get word score
        totalScore += getWordScore(word,n)

        c = calculateHandlen(hand)           #recalculate hand length

        print   '"'+str(word)+'"' + " earned " + str(getWordScore(word,n)) +' points.' " Total:  " + str(totalScore) + " points."

        if calculateHandlen(hand) == 0:                      #if all letters used
            print "Total score: " + str(totalScore) + " points."

        if compChooseWord(hand,wordList,n) is None:         #if no  more words can be made

            print  "Current Hand: ",
            print "Total score: " + str(totalScore) + " points."

I am stuck on this word game, I get correct output for all except when no word can be made from the dealt hand, my output is 'None' but it should be Current Hand: c c z m l d Total score: 0 points. None I have tried a million different ways to get it to work but I just cannot figure it out, I am only doing programming for last three weeks, so sorry in advance if this is not clear

example output:

Current Hand:  q y b u i x j o

"bijoux" earned 132 points. Total:  132 points.

Current Hand:  q y

Total score: 132 points.


Current Hand:  a a c b t

"acta" earned 24 points. Total:  24 points.

Current Hand:  b

Total score: 24 points.


Current Hand:  b i i k j o w w

"koji" earned 60 points. Total:  60 points.

Current Hand:  b w w i

"bi" earned 8 points. Total:  68 points.

Current Hand:  w w

Total score: 68 points.


and the one I fail:

Current Hand:  c c z m l d

Total score: 0 points.


mine is just 'None'
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Can you include code for the getWordScore function and sample input for running the game? –  Jared Mar 9 '13 at 3:30
It's hard to diagnose the exact problem since this isn't the full source code but try to trace back through each print statement if you are seeing None being printed to stdout. –  Jared Mar 9 '13 at 4:27

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I don't think I have enough rep to be able to put this as a small comment under the question, so sorry for making this a full blown "answer," But it always helps me to print the variable name along with its values, and watch how they change as the program walks through itself. If there is no word though that can be made with your letters, i'd guess there is some logic in that check that sets the variable for your 'hand' to none. like others though, i'd post the whole code and try to follow the steps as much as you can. hope that helps.

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yes it is the call to validword that is returning None, the validword returns true or false, if true the compChooseWord continues and finds the word with the highest letter values, I think I need some way of getting compChooseWord to return the print statement required if validword returns False but cannot figure out how as I can only return one answer outside loop,, if I could return print statement or return bestWord I think that would work.Thanks for input. –  Padraic Cunningham Mar 9 '13 at 11:07
this is full code: –  Padraic Cunningham Mar 9 '13 at 11:40

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