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I'm fairly new to assembly, so let me know if this question is too ambiguous to answer, or if I need to include more information.

Basically, I have some information stored in the dl register. The eax, ebx, and ecx registers also have values stored in them that I want to keep. How do I display the dl register to the screen without changing the values of the other registers?

I've also tried used int 21h, but I'm getting segmentation faults while using that.

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DOS, Windows, Linux, something else? –  Alexey Frunze Mar 9 '13 at 6:11

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The environment you're working under will determine how you can display what you're trying to display. The int 21h interrupts are a DOS service, and so will not be available unless you're working in a DOS environment (eg in a pure BIOS environment without DOS loaded). If this is the case you should look at the int 10h video services - for example int 10h AX=0Ah.

As far as retaining the values of the other registers - this will depend on how you choose to display your output. The int 10h AX=0Ah service I mention above requires use of the AH, AH, BH, BL and CX registers - to use this service you would have to move your values from the EAX, EBX and ECX registers elsewhere - perhaps by moving to other registers, storing them to specific memory locations, or by setting up a stack and PUSHing, then POPing the values back into the registers after displaying your value.

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