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I want to be able to perform a text search where the user can choose which flags to set before performing the search. Currently, I have a bunch of if/else statements that performs different searches based on the set flags. Is there a way to simplify this?

Here's what I have so far:

void FindDialog::on_btn_find_clicked()
    const QString find_term = ui->le_find->text();
    bool found;

    //direction: true -> go backward, false -> go forward
        //area: true -> description area, false -> example area
            found = te_desc_ptr->find(find_term, QTextDocument::FindBackward);
            found = te_code_ptr->find(find_term, QTextDocument::FindBackward);
    } else {
            found = te_desc_ptr->find(find_term);
            found = te_code_ptr->find(find_term);



void FindDialog::getConditions()
    //check conditions
    //Area: True = Description, False = Example
    //Direction: True = Up, False = Down
    area = ui->rbtn_desc->isChecked();
    dir = ui->rbtn_up->isChecked();
    case_sen = ui->cbx_case->isChecked();
    whole = ui->cbx_whole->isChecked();
    regx = ui->cbx_reg->isChecked();

The code looks if the user selected a checkbox and chooses which kind of search to perform. I'd really like to simplify the code so that there are less find() statements. Obviously, if I add more options, then there will be more if/else statements. How can I go about changing this?

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You can collapse the if tree down to this:

auto textArea = area ? te_desc_ptr : te_code_ptr;
auto findFlags = dir ? QTextDocument::FindBackward : QTextDocument::FindFlags(0);
textArea->find(find_term, findFlags);

I'd also consider renaming area and dir, as it's not at all obvious what they signify just from their names.

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Thanks, but Qt does not like "0" as a flag. –  Chris Harris Mar 9 '13 at 4:49
@Chris: Ah, of course, sorry. Fixed now. –  Cameron Mar 9 '13 at 5:16

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