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Hi i am using multi select drop-down in struts .Value i am displaying in drop-down from database .I need that user should be able to select multiple values from the drop down and then he can save to database . Here is what i have tried so far.
This is my struts design

                                <html:select property="bammenity1"  multiple="true" style=" width:150px"  >
                                    <html:optionsCollection  name="AmntyType"  value="amenityType" label="amenityType" />
                                </html:select> <a href="AddAmenity.jsp"><bean:message key="addamenity"/></a><br/>


    bus.setBammenity1((String[]) addbustypeform.get("bammenity1"));

    }catch(Exception e){


Problem i am facing is that after selcting multiple value i am getting only one selected value Please reply soon

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