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I want to display some help text in a docked pane for WF4 Activities as the user works with them on the WorkflowDesigner design surface (View). The help text needs to change when the user selects a new Activity.

Is there an event or some other mechanism to be notified when the user selects an item (i.e. a workflow activity) in a rehosted WF4 WorkflowDesigner View?

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There's Selection available on designer's editing context. You just have to subscribe to its changes.

WorkflowDesigner.Context.Items.Subscribe<Selection>(selection => 
    // 'selection' contains various properties including currently selected objects
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Excellent stuff - worked perfectly. I am relatively new to WF4 and still trying to find things in the namespaces ... –  user533676 Mar 10 '13 at 5:06

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