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I need a help on this.

I am trying to create a pl/sql anonymous block and when I run that it shows its completed but it don't run the code. It should give me an error saying name is already used by an existing object. Can someone help me on this. I am actually creating procedures but just trying this code as a sample.


    V_REF_TBL                       VARCHAR2(100);
    V_SQL                           LONG;

    V_REF_TBL :='My_TABLE';
    v_SQL :='truncate table '||V_REF_TBL ;

    EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'CREATE TABLE '|| V_REF_TBL ||' parallel 9 nologging pctfree 0 as 
    select * from dual';  
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Sorry, I can't reproduce this. If the table exists, I get a 'name is already used by an existing object' error when I run your code. If the table doesn't exist, I get a 'table or view does not exist' error. –  Luke Woodward Mar 9 '13 at 12:27
Why do you need to use dynamic sql? –  Tiago Mar 9 '13 at 13:32
Why do you need to truncate a table which doesn't exist? Why are you trying to create a table which already exists? Are you trying to implement a temporary table? If so, oracle has better solutions. stackoverflow.com/a/2042029/146325 –  APC Mar 9 '13 at 21:12
Also parallel 9 is Teh Suck! Parallel degrees should always be powers of two. –  APC Mar 9 '13 at 21:13

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Possibly you're looking for this:

    table_name varchar2(30);
    counter    number;
    table_name := 'my_table';

    select count(*)
    into   counter
    from   user_tables
    where  table_name = Upper(Trim(my_block.table_name)) and
           dropped = 'NO';

    if counter = 0
      execute immediate 'create table '||table_name||' as ... etc';
      execute immediate 'truncate table '||table_name;
      execute immediate 'insert into '||table_name' select ... etc';
    end if;
  end my_block;
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