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Why doesn't the following allow me to use the "os" variable once it's returned by the function? The "os" module isn't being imported so that shouldn't be an issue at all. When I call the Begin() function and print the os variable after the function is finished, python says the variable is not defined.

def Begin():
    os = raw_input("Choose your operating system:\n[1] Ubuntu\n[2] CentOS\nEnter '1' or     '2': ")
    if os != '1' and os != '2':
        print "Incorrect operating system choice, shutting down..."
        return os

print os
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please don't use os as a variable name -- it's the name of a well-known module. –  nneonneo Mar 9 '13 at 6:55

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You have to assign the returned result to an actual variable. The os in the function exists only in the function scope, and can't be used outside of it.

result = Begin()
print result

As @nneonneo mentioned, os is a part of the standard library, and a commonly used module, and using os as a variable name will confuse a reader, and if os is imported, will overwrite it.

Another suggestion:

if os != '1' and os != '2':

can be written more succintly as

if os not in ('1', '2'):

This also makes it easier when you have more similar comparisons to make.

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Every time I have an issue...it's a careless mistake. Thanks! –  user1710563 Mar 9 '13 at 6:58
@user1710563 if you thought this answer was useful, please accept it. –  Volatility Mar 9 '13 at 7:08

In your code os is a local variable to Begin() as suggested by @nneonneo do not use standard module names.

If you are just trying to print the value you can simply do

print Begin()

if you need to use the returned value from Begin() then assign it to a variable and you can use it further.

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