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I have an action that returns json result, but some of the attributes are null and I want to convert them to empty strings instead. I heard I can use DefaultValue(""), but it's still returning null instead of empty string.

The action is:

public ActionResult GetResults(string date)
    var data= GetData();  // returns List<Foo>
    var json = Json(data, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
    return json;

The Foo class is:

public class Foo
    public string Bar1;

    public int? Bar2;
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Like @Dave A noticed you can not assign string value to the int value.

However one thing that I wanted to warn it, have you set properly the property DefaultValueHandling? Check it here: Removing Default Values in JSON with the MVC4 Web API

Besides that I would recommend to you that you do a string property that represent this Bar2 int property and you "Ignore" it for serialization, like:

public int? Bar2Int;

public string Bar2
   return { Bar2Int.HasValue ? this.Bar2Int.Value.ToString() : String.Empty; }

Even better with this approach you do not need any default values attributes.

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very interesting implementation. I'll study and make use of it. – Dave Alperovich Mar 9 '13 at 21:28
@Dave A: Tnx! I hope you will find it useful. – Peter Stegnar Mar 10 '13 at 4:52

you can't set a nullable int to default val of ""


public int? Bar2;
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