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I've got a problem doing updates with a stateless session and I'm wondering if anyone has seen something like this. (NHibernate 3.1).

I'm basically doing the following:

SomeEntity e = statelessSession.Get<SomeEntity>(id); 
e.SomeProperty = "a new value"; 

and I am getting the following error:

NHibernate.MappingException: No persister for: 
  at NHibernate.Impl.SessionFactoryImpl.GetEntityPersister(String 
  at NHibernate.Impl.StatelessSessionImpl.GetEntityPersister(String 
  entityName, Object obj) 
  at NHibernate.Impl.StatelessSessionImpl.Update(String entityName, 
  Object entity) 
  at NHibernate.Impl.StatelessSessionImpl.Update(Object entity) 

The mapping -

class SomeEntityMap : ClassMap<SomeEntity>
    public SomeEntityMap()
        Id(x => x.ID).Column("ID");         
        Map(x => x.Name).Column("NAME");

I have stepped through in the debugger and can see that statelessSession.Get(id) is returning me a proxy. Is this correct?

anyone have any idea what is the problem ? Please share your view and suggestion.

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Please can you provide the mapping for entity you are trying to update? –  mickfold Mar 9 '13 at 9:58
I have added mapping now. –  Jugal Panchal Mar 9 '13 at 10:11

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I did a test project as you outlined in your question and wasn't able to reproduce the issue. The only scenarios that I was able to reproduce the error were:

  1. The location of the mappings haven't been specified when initializing the session factory, i.e. you are missing

      .Mappings(m => m.FluentMappings.AddFromAssemblyOf<SomeEntity>());
  2. One of the properties of SomeEntity has been marked as lazy="no-proxy". More information can be found here.

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