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I have Tiki set up with my php site.

I create/update page using my own Tiki API file but when I show version of page in history tab than creation date is not displayed. Only time is displayed.

This is my code for create page in Tiki.

require 'tiki-setup.php';
require_once 'lib/tikilibsohyper.php';
require_once ('lib/userslib.php'); 
include_once ('lib/wiki/histlib.php');
global $tikilib,$calendarlib,$userlib,$histlib;

$tikilib->create_page($pageName, $hits, $pageData, $lastModif, $comment, $username, $ip= '0:0:0:0', $description='' , $lang, $is_html = false, $hash=null, $wysiwyg=NULL, $wiki_authors_style='', $minor=0, $created='');

This is for update page

$tikilib->update_page($pageName, $pageData, $comment,$username, $ip, $description = '');

Now in Tiki history page (TAB) data display as follows:

            Information                      Version      Action    

        2013-03-04 09:47 by administrator       3       v  s  b         
        2013-03-04 09:47 by administrator       2       v  s  b         
        09:32 by administrator                  1       v  s  b     

First, why it displays only time? I need both time and date.

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You need to uncheck "Skip date for same day" on the General > Date and Time admin panel.

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I am not sure but try $lastModif=time();

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