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So, i am working in C# and i want to make an application that is more like an interactive manual.I have and admin that adds articles and some user that consult the articles and make tests.

I now want to make the article editor. So i have a base form with a little panel left... I want to use it as a MDI container....but i can't resize the container area. I would like it to be as the red square:

mdi container

Also i need some advice of how can I make the articles:

I was thinking of a Richtextbox with the ability to format text, add images, hyperlinks, maybe a little movie..

Are there any libraries or frameworks that do this things? or I have to code all the features myself?

I must be able to save the content from the editor to a file , send it to another computer and there, with same application , open it and view it..

Any simple solutions? (still at the beginning with c#)

Thank you!

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So, the only answer I could find was this: use splitters....yes. I put a splitter vertically and one orizontally and then when I made ISMidContainer= true, all was as I want!

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