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I'am creating a sort of commercial application (to be more specific - some company is paying me to make for them an in-house software). I want to use for it the Flying Saucer library. At first it seemd that there is no problem - LGPL license, everything's fine.

But flying saucer is using inside it iText library. On the official webside iText is said that the library is licensed with Affero GPL license (AFAIK it's not good news for me). On the other hand in license description for flying saucer is said that iText is licensed under Mozilla Public License Version 1.1. This license seems to be harmless for me (or I understood its guidelines wrongfully).

I am lost a bit at the moment. If i use iText library shipped with flying saucer should I treat it as AGLP- or MPL-licensed component? Or maybe if flying saucer is released under LGPL i should treat the whole package as LGPL?

Or maybe if I'am preparing the software for the company who hired me, and then i will give them the software with sources, and then they just distribute it to their employees - maybe in that case i don't need to worry about Affero license restrictions?

Could some one enlight me? Thanks.

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This depends on version of flying saucer you are using. The current version of Flying Saucer (R8) uses iText 2.x (please see here: What is the highest FlyingSaucer R8 compatible Itext?) wich is under LGPL.

This was necessary because iText has switched to AGPL in version 4.2.0, but 2.x is still under LGPL / MPL.

to make it short:

  • Flying Saucer R8 with iText 2.x: LGPL
    • Flying Saucer: LGPL
    • iText 2.x: LGPL or MPL
  • Flying Saucer R8 (brachn) with iText 5.x+: AGPL
    • Flying Saucer: LGPL
    • iText 5.x+: AGPL

The default version you get at download page is FS R8 with iText 2.x (LGPL). However if you have to use a newer version of iText (like iText 5+) you need the iText 5 branch of Flying Saucer. But actually there's no need to do so.

What ever you want to do is possible with iText 2.x so you can use LGPL.


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thanks a lot, so I don't need to worry then. –  joorva Mar 9 '13 at 14:34
If you can use LGPL everything is ok :-) –  ollo Mar 9 '13 at 14:39

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