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I made a solves(looks like some kind of comment script) script which makes it possible for users to apply a solve for some products.

The product number will be generated out of the url and stores the value into two mysql database tables. My db name is 'solves' and my two tables are like this:

     s_msn INT(12) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 
     s_id  INT(11) NOT NULL, 
     KEY s_msn (s_msn), 
     KEY s_id (s_id) 
DEFAULT charset=utf8 

     s_id        INT(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, 
     s_naam      VARCHAR(64) DEFAULT NULL, 
     s_onderwerp VARCHAR(64) DEFAULT NULL, 
     s_probleem  TEXT NOT NULL, 
     s_oplossing TEXT NOT NULL, 
     s_category  VARCHAR(64) DEFAULT NULL, 
     s_wanneer   INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', 
     PRIMARY KEY (s_id), 
     KEY s_id (s_id) 
DEFAULT charset=utf8 

  ADD CONSTRAINT koppel_ibfk_1 FOREIGN KEY (s_id) REFERENCES solves (s_id); 

Above translation:

  • naam = name
  • onderwerp = discussion
  • probleem = problem
  • oplossing = solution
  • wanneer = when

When a user goes to a random msn number like index.php?msn=10000 they get a form to fill in a solve with the forms name, discussion, problem, solution, category. The msn number will be taken out of the url.

Now when they submit this solve it should be stored in the database like:

solve to solves table:

s_id auto_increment
name to s_naam
discussion to s_onderwerp
problem to s_probleem
solution to s_solution
category to s_category
when to s_wanneer

and the msn out of the url to table koppel, s_msn. And the s_id should be copied from the solves table.

I'm not sure how i store it to two tables (relation). I stored it to one table before with the php command:

if ($sOnderwerp && $sProblem) {

$iOldId = $GLOBALS['MySQL']->getOne("SELECT `s_msn` FROM `solves` WHERE `s_msn` = '{$sMsn}' AND `s_wanneer` >= UNIX_TIMESTAMP() - 0 LIMIT 1");
if (! $iOldId) {

$GLOBALS['MySQL']->res("INSERT INTO `solves` SET `s_msn` = '{$sMsn}', `s_wanneer` = UNIX_TIMESTAMP(), `s_naam` = '{$sNaam}', `s_onderwerp` = '{$sOnderwerp}', `s_probleem` = '{$sProbleem}', `s_oplossing` = '{$sOplossing}', `s_category` = '{$sCategory}'");

I hope someone can help me to store it to two tables?

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Both of the queries in the last code block refer to the solves table and yet they mention the field s_msn which according to the CREATE TABLE statements, is not in the solves table. Can you supply the correct code or the correct CREATE TABLE statement. Then we might have a better chance of answering your question. –  Captain Payalytic Mar 9 '13 at 13:01
The queries in the last code block was a example of how i did it before, but i changed my sql tables from 1 to 2 tables and i can't figure out how to insert the same data as before to 2 tables instead of 1 table. –  Reflow Mar 9 '13 at 13:20

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When you perform your "INSERT INTO solves", you need to get the autoincrement insert id. In purephp you would use mysql_insert_id() or mysqli_insert_id() or PDO::lastInsertId(), depending on the flavour of mysql driver. You are obviously using an abstration layer in some sort of framework, so you will have to consult the documentation to discover how to do it (or you could use the mysql equivalent in a separate query (see: the mysql manual here)

Once you have this you perform your insert into the other table.

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