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Anyone knows how the facebook login works with the new preview spotify apps api?

I tried something like this...

require(['$api/facebook'], function(facebook) {

but nothing got me to the result I got with the old api. I also tried to use plain FB js sdk, but the problem is it needs some "url" to allow connections...wich I can't really give out of the spotify app?

Any ideas?

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The auth module was not present at first, but now it is part of the Spotify Apps API. You can read more about it on its documentation page. It looks like this:

  require(['$api/auth#Auth'], function(Auth) {
    var appId = '<your_app_id>',
        permissions = ['user_about_me'];

    var auth = new Auth();
    auth.authenticateWithFacebook(appId, permissions)
      .done(function(params) {
        if (params.accessToken) {
          console.log('Your access token: ' + params.accessToken);
        } else {
          console.log('No access token returned');
      }).fail(function(req, error) {
          console.error('The Auth request failed with error: ' + error);

In addition, there is a working example in the Tutorial App on GitHub.

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