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I have a String like:


I'm using Ruby on Rails for my application. I am trying to make 16 urls by appending 1-16 to the end of 66ea2557 to get something like:


How can I do this in Ruby?

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Assuming that:

  • You're given "/system/path/513/b02/36a/66ea2557[*,0].swf,16" from somewhere perhaps out of your control and it needs to be parsed
  • The number 16 at the end of the string won't necessarily be the same every time and signifies the number of urls you need
  • You don't need the [*,0] part of the string for anything and it doesn't necessarily signify anything

I came up with:

string = "/system/path/513/b02/36a/66ea2557[*,0].swf,16"
base_path, _, file_extension, num_urls = string.split(/(\[\*,0\])|,/)
# => ["/system/path/513/b02/36a/66ea2557", "[*,0]", ".swf", "16"]
(1..num_urls.to_i).map { |i| "#{base_path}#{i}#{file_extension}" }
# => ["/system/path/513/b02/36a/66ea25571.swf",
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(1..16).each do |i|
  puts "/system/path/513/b02/36a/66ea2557#{i}.swf"
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You could try simple looping. Something like:


arr = Array.new();
for i in 1..16
    arr[i-1] = "/system/path/513/b02/36a/66ea2557" + i.to_s;

puts arr;
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You could use String#%:

path = "/system/path/513/b02/36a/66ea2557%s.swf"
(1..16).map {|index| path % index}
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