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I have an existing Project record, and I'm importing a CSV file to update the associated Project attributes. However, often the CSV will contain blank fields and I don't want to overright exisiting attributes if the related CSV field is blank.

Something like this:

project.update_attributes(:name => row.field('project_name') unless row.field('project_name').blank?,   							              
                          :owner => row.field('project_owner') unless row.field('project_owner').blank?,
                          :due_date => row.field('project_due_date') unless row.field('project_due_date').blank?)
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project.update_attributes({:name => row.field('project_name'),                                                                         
                          :owner => row.field('project_owner'),
                          :due_date => row.field('project_due_date')}.reject{|k,v| v.blank?})
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attrs = [:name,:owner,:due_date].inject({}) {|res,obj| res[obj] = row.field("project_#{obj}") unless row.field("project_#{obj}").blank? }
project.update_attributes attrs
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Not very easily readable ;( – Damien MATHIEU Oct 7 '09 at 13:19
Agreed, compared to the picked solution. – khelll Oct 8 '09 at 3:21

This is an old question, but for the record, you can also set an attribute to nil (as opposed to blank) in order to exclude it from the updates list. I wouldn't call the following example best practice, but I think it can help clarify what's going on in the background: update_attributes will only attempt to update attributes that are provided in the hash, having a non-nil value.

params[:csv] = nil if params[:csv].blank? or (arbitrary other condition)
# now update like normal
if @project.update_attributes(project_params)
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