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I am using FreeBSD 9.1.

When I type 'perldoc perl' then:

    PERL(1)               User Contributed Perl Documentation              PERL(1)

       perl - The Perl 5 language interpreter

       ESC[1mperl ESC[22m[<C2> ESC[1m-sTtuUWXESC[22m<C2> ]      [<C2> ESC[1m-hvESC[22m<C2> ]<C2> [<C2> ESC[1m-VESC[22m[:ESC[4mconfigvarESC[24m]<C2> ]
            [<C2> ESC[1m-cwESC[22m<C2> ]<C2> [<C2> ESC[1m-dESC[22m[ESC[1mtESC[22m][:ESC[4mdebuggerESC[24m]
<C2> ]<C2> [<C2> ESC[1m-DESC[22m[ESC[4mnumber/listESC[24m]<C2> ]
            [<C2> ESC[1m-pnaESC[22m<C2> ]<C2> [<C2> ESC[1m-FESC[4mESC[22mpatternESC[24m<C2> ]<C2> [<C2> ESC[1m-lESC[22m[ESC[4moctalESC[24m]<C2> ]<C2> [<C2> ESC[1m-0ESC[22m[ESC[4moctal/hexadecimalESC[24m]<C2> ]
            [<C2> ESC[1m-IESC[4mESC[22mdirESC[24m<C2> ]<C2> [<C2> ESC[1m-mESC[22m[ESC[1m-ESC[22m]ESC[4mmoduleESC[24m<C2> ]<C2> [<C2> ESC[1m-MESC[22m[ESC[1m-ESC[22m]ESC[4m'module...'ESC[24m<C2> ]<C2> [<C2> ESC[1m-f
ESC[22m<C2> ]
            [<C2> ESC[1m-C<C2> [ESC[4mnumber/listESC[24m]<C2> ESC[22m]      [<C2> ESC[1m-SESC[22m<C2> ]      [<C2> ESC[1m-xESC[22m[ESC[4mdirESC[24m]<C2> ]
            [<C2> ESC[1m-iESC[22m[ESC[4mextensionESC[24m]<C2> ]
            [<C2> [ESC[1m-eESC[22m|ESC[1m-EESC[22m]<C2> ESC[4m'command'ESC[24m<C2> ]<C2> [<C2> ESC[1m--ESC[22m<C2> ]<C2> [<C2> ESC[4mprogramfileESC[24m<C2> ]<C2> [<C2> ESC[4margumentESC[24m<C2> ]...

       The ESC[4mperldocESC[24m program gives you access to all the documentation that
       comes with Perl.  You can get more documentation, tutorials and
       community support online at <http://www.perl.org/>.

       If you're new to Perl, you should start by running "perldoc perlintro",
       which is a general intro for beginners and provides some background to
       help you navigate the rest of Perl's extensive documentation.  Run
       "perldoc perldoc" to learn more things you can do with ESC[4mperldocESC[24m.

       For ease of access, the Perl manual has been split up into several

Why there is so much ESCs? (If I type 'man perl' no this problam.)

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For future visitors: export LESS=mqeisz-2XR . –  Craig Ringer Jul 16 '13 at 7:37
Should be re-opened as it does fit the scope of questions related to programming defined by the community to include "software tools commonly used by programmers", which perldoc certainly is (and I'm baffled how anyone could see it as anything else...) @Useless et. al. –  delicateLatticeworkFever Sep 10 '13 at 17:50

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You're seeing the raw nroff formatting (those escape sequences contain formatting information).

In my local installation, man perldoc says

  perldoc looks up a piece of documentation in .pod format that is
  embedded in the perl installation tree or in a perl script, and
  displays it via "pod2man | nroff -man | $PAGER".

Try checking nroff is in your path, what $PAGER is set to, and playing around with the output format options (also listed in that man page).

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how can I fix it. –  1.618 Mar 9 '13 at 12:28
The question is off-topic. However, maybe lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-questions/2009-December/… will help. –  Sinan Ünür Mar 9 '13 at 14:00

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