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I need to say that I 'm not a developer. I learnt a little from reading here and following video and tutorials. I tried searching for how to do this, but couldn't find something I can understand so any help is appreciated.

I need to generate a table report about 500+ items from a ScriptDb instance and display the report on an html page rendered using HtmlService. I have a working code for this, but the problem is that it takes +/-45 seconds for the result to render on the page after the button is clicked. I read somewhere that I can speed this up by displaying the table in chunks, but I'm not having any luck in implementing this. The best I could come up with, still produces the same effect of rendering the result at once instead of one row at a time. Here's my try at it.

in interface.html:

function updateTable(data) {
function formatChunk(response) {
  var result = JSON.parse(response);
  var length = result.length; 
  for (var i = 0; i<length;i++) {
    updateTable('<tr><td>'+ result[i].name + '</td><td>' + result[i].count + '</td><td>'+ result[i].pass+' </td><td>'+ result[i].passpc + '% </td>'+
    '<td>'+ result[i].fail + '</td><td>'+ result[i].failpc + '% </td><td>'+ result[i].clear + '</td><td>'+ result[i].clearpc + '% </td><td>'+ result[i].tester + '</td></tr>');
  console.log('chunk rendered.');
$(function() {
    $("#genPagedReport").click(function() { 
    var pagesNo = <?!= pagesNo ?>;
    var table = '<table id="pagedRep"><thead><tr><th><b>Product</b></th><th><b>Total</b></th><th><b>Pass</b></th><th><b>Pass Percentage</b></th>'+
    '<th><b>Fail</b></th><th><b>Fail Percentage</b></th><th><b>Clear</b></th><th><b>Clear Percentage</b></th><th><b>Tested By</b></th></tr></thead><tbody>';
    for(var i=1; i<pagesNo; i++) {
    console.log('page '+i+' requested');

in code.gs:

function paginate(pageNo) {
  try {
    var dataRange = getPageElements(pageNo); //returns a 2D array of 10 item names.
    var db = ScriptDb.getMyDb();
    var result = []; var t=0; var x = 0;
    for (var i=0; i<dataRange.length; i++) {
      var string = dataRange[i][0].toString();
      var tPassedPC = 0, tFailedPC = 0, tClearedPC = 0;
      if ( db.count({ name:string}) != 0 && db.count({name:string}) != null) {
        t = db.count({ name : string });
        var tPassed = db.count({ name : string, pass : 1 });
        var tFailed = db.count({ name : string, fail : 1 });
        var tCleared = db.count({ name : string, clear : 1 });
        if (tPassed != 0) tPassedPC = Math.round(tPassed/t*100); 
        if (tFailed != 0) tFailedPC = Math.round(tFailed/t*100); 
        if (tCleared != 0) tClearedPC = Math.round(tCleared/t*100);
        result[x] = {name : string, count: t, pass : tPassed, passpc : tPassedPC,
                     fail : tFailed, failpc : tFailedPC, clear : tCleared, clearpc : tClearedPC, tester : 'Total'};
  return JSON.stringify(result);
  } catch(e) {
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Not sure it helps but I have a script that shows a lot of data in an html table and it's pretty fast... the source is in a spreadsheet , both are shared (view only, make a copy) here and SS here –  Serge insas Mar 9 '13 at 21:39
Thanks, I tried your code. increased the data to 1000 rows and it still rendered fast, but got the same effect. High cpu time for a second or two then table appears ready. In your code fetching the data takes no time while in mine most of the time goes to db queries. This gives me an idea to process the data in the db and save a report after the single daily update to retrieve later. For my code, I noticed from console log that the data is received within intervals, but the browser doesn't update and gets unresponsive until all data is rendered. I'll try storing a ready report. Thanks :) –  jad Mar 10 '13 at 11:16
Glad it helped, keep us informed about how you manage your use case :-) –  Serge insas Mar 10 '13 at 11:41
All done now, retrieving the report takes less than a second and total time from button click to full render is less than two seconds. Very happy with that. Many thanks! :) –  jad Mar 11 '13 at 7:36
;-) that's good news ! –  Serge insas Mar 11 '13 at 8:29

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