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I need to be able to zoom to a relative position on the webview webview.scrollTo(1500, 2000); i need to use it like this webview.scrollTo(0.75, 0.5); which means move to 75% of x axis and 50% of y axis

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This is scroll to the bottom of the webView (total pixels - webView height):

webView.scrollTo(0, (int) ((webView.getScale() * webView.getContentHeight())-webView.getHeight()));

You can multiplie this by needed percentage:

webView.scrollTo(0, (int) 0.5*((webView.getScale() * webView.getContentHeight())-webView.getHeight()));

Use same logic for x-axis.

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There is no method called webView.getContentWidth() – Mahmoud Zizo Mar 9 '13 at 14:31
now I see... for getting total width try to use following tutorial:… – vtuhtan Mar 9 '13 at 15:03

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