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I want to use code from to create script for serp tracker. Coud somebody help me with this code. Script is functional on localhost abd give me postion, but not in server. Server give me just emtpy array(). Where could be a problem?

  • localhost PHP Version 5.3.9,
  • server PHP Version 5.3.22-1~dotdeb.0

Thx for your help.

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Simply remove space from your Keyword, You can use urlencode as well

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make two page give the name to first one index.php and the second one tracker.php and include tracker.php into index.php and remove the spaces.

<?php include_once "tracker.php"; //add this line $test = new GoogleTracker(array('git'), '', 50); //$test->use_proxy('proxy.txt'); $test->run(); print_r($test->get_results()); echo "================<br>"; print_r($test->get_debug_info()); ?>

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