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I am having a BSNL wimax internet connection which has an external CPE with all configuration and connection setting now I have another BNSL ADSL modem+router which I want to use as a switch to forward my all request to BSNL CPE What should I do to setup it as a switch Do I have to enable DHCP on my BSNL adsl device Please help me to resolve this issue


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the steps which i think may work..

a. *Wimax Router Config*- (This is already done) Wimax router IP is 192.168.x.a (check the subnet - mostly

b. WiFi Router Config- Connect LAN1 to PC, to configure ur wifi router. We need to configure wifi as 192.168.x.b ( and set the same subnet as in wimax router, i.e as in pt a.)..).Also disable DHCP, uPnP, firewall, RIP, RJ11 settings if u find(in any other window).

c. Device Config Remove the PC cable(ethernet) from LAN1(since router is configured now), and connect the eth cable from Wimax Router router to LAN1...Now check for Wireless bar in ur PC. if its showing range.. then click properties-> TCP/IPv4.. select "use this IP" and give "IP address" as 192.168.x.c, subnet same as wimax router(mostly, and default gateway as 192.168.x.a(i.e the WImax router IP - since this is the Point which talks to the internet world..). In DNS, first try by setting obtain DNS automatically - if not working, try selecting set "Use DNS IP", and give the DNS IPs u get in ipconfig, when u connect ur wimax eth cable directly to ur PC..(if that is also not working give primary as, and leave alternative blank.)

This should work i suppose..

Main thing here is, the DHCP shud be disabled in wifi, and the Device IP we set(in properties), shud never fall in the DHCP pool range

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