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I'm new to coding, learning HTML and JAva after work every night and I'm building my first website for fun.

I've ran into a problem, I wish to have a page where if I click lets say "Canada", it will display a new page full of photos sourced from either Flickr or Google image. (in a Gallery fashion, very simple gallery will do, I can learn to tweak it myself after it works)

I got all the homepage buttons finished, now I'm at my blank "Canada page" I've spent last week learning API and I think I got the hang of it, I've tried many different code but so far none of them really work. I hope to use Jquery, since I think that will be the simplest method for my limited knowledge in coding. But I'm willing to explore other methods...

I'm using Squarespace and running Jquery files I found online... this is the only thing I'm stuck on... can anyone please shed some light?? I spent almost 2 weeks with no real solution :(

Lastly, I've tried a Jquery code and when I try to run it on Squarespace it says "This contains an embedded code which will only be rendered at the front of your site"... anyone know what that means?

Please help me out! Thanks!!

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Welcome to StackOverflow! What API did you learn your way around when you say: "I've spent last week learning API"? –  Tom Walters Mar 9 '13 at 15:12
Hi, i've learned to user flickr api to refine my search to a very specific sets of photos.. Believe me it was hard for me haha.. Now i just need to learn how to display them nicely on my website in a collage gallery style –  Jacky Kuk Mar 10 '13 at 1:36

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