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If I put this into my HAML,

  foo = "2".asdf
%p ss

I get, as expected, this error from Sinatra:

NoMethodError at /
undefined method `asdf' for "2":String

But when I have a UNICODE CHARACTER in my HAML:

  foo = "2".asdf
%p ß

I no longer get the error but instead Apache crashes ("500 Internal Server Error") with Premature end of script headers: outputted into the Apache error log.

Can someone explain why Sinatra error messages are not liking unicode characters elsewhere in the HAML? I should mention that unicode chars are working fine when no errors appear.

By the way, I have of course done set :show_exceptions, true in my Sinatra app (in development mode), which is why the errors show up in the first place.

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I see from the other question you asked that you're using Haml v4.0.0 with Ruby 1.9.3. Do you still get the error if you run the code without Sinatra in the console? i.e. s = ":ruby\n foo = "2".asdf\n%p ss\n" then and the same with the unicode version. I get errors with both. – iain Mar 12 '13 at 4:56

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