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I am currently learning Java and i'm on a lesson that teaches Dialog boxes. Currently I know how to change the Icon option but how about adding some buttons?

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Text to display", "Title", JOptionPane.WARNING_MESSAGE); 

^ shows the warning error as it should and the ok button but i'd like to also have a cancel button


JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Text to display", "Title", JOptionPane.WARNING_MESSAGE, JOptionPane.OK_CANCEL_OPTION); 

returns an error. Basically since i'm a beginner I have no ideea where to put the ok_cancel_option part. Thanks ! :D

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showMessageDialog() is used for alerts if you want a confimation dialog you have to use showConfirmDialog() as shown above

PS: forgot to mention showConfirmDialog() returns a result

int result = JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog(parent, 

if (result == JOptionPane.YES_OPTION){
     //stuff to do if yes
if (result == JOptionPane.NO_OPTION){
     //stuff to do if no
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