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I figure out I can not load css in noir apps. Neither can not change the css soure file, is there anything wrong with the route?

(ns my-web.views.common
  (:use noir.core

(defpartial layout [& content]
               [:title "website from noir"]
               (include-css "/css/reset.css")]
               [:div#idnumber content]]))
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Where are you keeping the css? This would assume that the css is located in /resources/public/css/reset.css.

If you're familiar with Rails and the asset pipeline, you should take a look at Dieter (https://github.com/edgecase/dieter).

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I am sorry that I don't familiar with that,I keep css in that dir.And It doesn't work anyway.I can not change that file, or I change the file, it just doesn't work, and nothing happens in my chrome, but the font,and font size. –  crazy_phage Mar 12 '13 at 0:42

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