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I have a site based Wordpress.

I use timyhump.php to display portfolio images.

But if you look at images in the following link you'll see them lower quality than normal.

What should I do ?

PS : I just noticed that I've inserted similar message before here. Sorry and help please.

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In timthumb line 55 you will find this

define ('DEFAULT_Q', 90);  

There are other settings below this line that you can tinker with to adjust the image quality.

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Thanks. There isn't codes in line 55 but is in 13-20 lines such a thing : define ('CACHE_SIZE', 250); define ('CACHE_CLEAR', 5); define ('CACHE_USE', TRUE); define ('VERSION', '1.19'); define ('DIRECTORY_CACHE', './cache'); define ('MAX_WIDTH', 1000); define ('MAX_HEIGHT', 1000); define ('ALLOW_EXTERNAL', FALSE); –  Gökay Mar 10 '13 at 11:47

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