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I'd like to run a script that reads a list of URL's from a file and downloads each URL one at a time. The script reads one line from my url list and invokes the command

aria2c -D &

completes 1st URL then goes to 2nd URL and so on till the end of the list. Help

Thanks in advance

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Do you mean that aria2c is the program that does the downloading or that you want the files downloading and then execute aria2c after getting each one? – Stephen Darlington Oct 7 '09 at 12:55

For things like this i use

wget -i file.ext

Edit: is the website of aria2c. There are some nice examples like downloading all urls found in a file..

$ aria2c -i uris.txt

Before asking, consider doing a bit of research, a quick 'man aria2c' or 'aria2c --help' might give you the answer faster.

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To download from a script, use wget.

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while read line
    aria2c -s 5 "$line"
done < fileurllist
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