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I'm trying to highlight the odd or even side of the street (for at least the block) the user is on (or all streets, if that is simpler.)

I can find the odd or even side, I've figured that out, but drawing a line parallel to the road is proving problematic. I devised a method using google maps and geocoding to find points at the ends of the block on the odd or even side and draw a line between them, but all that geocoding is slow and unreliable. It works great at my apartment, but falls on its face in many locations.

Is there a way to put a 2nd road overlay on top of the map shifted north or south and east or west and change the road colors?

I am open to using google or mapquest api if either provides a useful feature.

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I am looking for something similar. Something like traffic overlay where you can color the side of the street based on a situation. –  Smitty Jul 17 '14 at 0:07

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