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I have a cookie manager class that stores Lists of cookies by their domain in a Map. The size will stay below 100 most of the time.

Map<String, CookieList> cookieMap;

Every time I set up cookies for connections, it needs to iterate through all domains(String), check if it's acceptable, then insert the CookieList. I will be iterating through the map many times. I have a separate List holding the domains and search that, then get the CookieList by the Key.

List<String> domainList;

// host is from the connection being set up
for (String domain : domainList) {
    if (host.contains(domain)) {
        CookieList list = cookieMap.get(domain);
        // set up cookies

Since I'm using contains, I can't directly get the Key from cookieMap. Is this a good way or should I just be iterating Map's EntrySet? If so, would LinkedHashMap be good in this example?

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Iterating through 100 entries and doing a lookup in a map for each index is extremely fast. You probably don't need to optimize anything here. – JB Nizet Mar 9 '13 at 18:12
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Instead of maintaining a Map and a List, you could use Map.keySet to get the domains.

for (String domain : cookieMap.keySet()) {
    if (host.contains(domain)) {
        CookieList list = cookieMap.get(domain);

There is nothing inefficient about this, since the for loop is O(n), and the call to cookieMap is O(1).

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Wouldn't it be better to loop EntrySet since Map.get(K) will search for the value, while EntrySet already has it? – Kyle Kroboth Mar 9 '13 at 19:09
Map.get(K) doesn't "search" for the value - the access time is constant, if you are using a HashMap implementation. Since the performance difference is beyond negligible, I think you should choose whichever way is more readable. – ktm5124 Mar 9 '13 at 22:31
Map<String, CookieList>  coockieMap = new HashMap<String, CookieList>();
for (Map.Entry<Integer, CookieList> entry : coockieMap.entrySet()) {
    if (host.contains(entry.getKey())) {
        CookieList list = entry.getValue();

Hope this helps you.

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I think your code is pretty optimized, if you want, you can use


before your for loop, so stop doing a check every loop. Effetively, your code will look as follows :

List<String> hostList = new ArrayList<String>(domainList); // we don't want to edit domains


for (String hostEntry : hostList) { // I'd rename "host" so I can use it here
        CookieList list = cookieMap.get(hostEntry);
        // set up cookies
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I do like this idea because I will also need to check paths of cookie and url. – Kyle Kroboth Mar 9 '13 at 20:09

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