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I'm trying to create a realtime dashboard for my Graphite data. I want it to show only the last hours' worth of data. I can configure Cubism to pull the data from Graphite but I'm unable to create an axis for the last hour. The Graphite data is stored with a resolution of 10 seconds for 1 hour, after one hour it is stored in 30 second resolution. When I configure Cubism to show a couple of hours all my data is squished to the left as per this question: Why are these Cubism horizon charts squished to the left? . I understand why this happens and therefore want to limit the time scale to the last hour only. I've looked at several examples but I'm unable to figure out how I can configure the size and steps to 1) fill the width of the screen 2) subdivide only the last hour.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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