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I have a collecton named "sample" and database named "at" present in Mongo DB .

        "_id" : "35004",
        "city" : "ACMAR",
        "pop" : 6055,
        "state" : "AL"
        "_id" : "35005",
        "city" : "ADAMSVILLE",
        "pop" : 10616,
        "state" : "AL"
        "_id" : "35006",
        "city" : "ADGER",
        "pop" : 3205,
        "state" : "AL"

I have tried using mongo export query , but i was unsuccessful , please let me know where i am doing mistake .

I have tried using below ways , but always produced an error .

mongoexport --host localhost --db at --collection "sample" --csv --out text.csv --fields city,state

mongoexport --csv -o /D:/test.csv -d at -c sample -f city,state,pop

I was getting the following error , please help

Sun Mar 10 00:25:44 SyntaxError: missing ; before statement (shell):1

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mongoexport must be run from your OS command shell, not the mongo shell.

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Thanks . that worked . – Preethi Jain Mar 9 '13 at 19:31

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