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I have a string that looks like this: "¥3,250". I want to convert it into a float.

I already tried something like this:

    price = "¥3,250"
    price[0] = ""

but ruby uses the comma (,) as a decimal seperator.

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Float really isn't the best data type for currency, Fixnum or BigDecimal would be better. –  mu is too short Mar 10 '13 at 0:04

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price_as_float = price.scan(/\d|\./).join('').to_f

It should work even with, say "¥3,250.4"

All it does is extract digits and dots from the string and creates a string from it, then casting it to a float

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price = "¥3,250"
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You could try this:

   price = "¥3,250"
   price.gsub(/[,|¥]/,'').to_f   #=> 3250.0
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