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I just created 2 wallets using http://btcfaucet.com and generate 0.006 BTC on the first wallet, and then attempted to send 0.001 BTC to the second wallet..

The first wallet with the bitcoin address is 1BXb6QjoghavL8fK77WjUV9pGtNCfvfbcM and has 0.005 BTC ( from 0.006 initially )

the second wallet with the bitcoin address is 1Dr3G3utLgzvfdBUX5qpCeB33ZXHUxWkcz and now has 0.001 BTC

so the transfer of 0.001 using http://btcfaucet.com worked fine, -- however, where do I see this transaction on blockexplorer.com ?


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If you really want to find it on blockexplorer you either enter the sender address, the receiver address or your transaction id on http://blockexplorer.com. Then you can find the transaction there (if you chose to go by address) or you directly see the transaction.

I recommend you to use http://blockchain.info instead as it looks much better and has more features.

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[You require blockexploer.com??]

You can see your transaction here: bitinfo for 1Dr3G3utLgzvfdBUX5qpCeB33ZXHUxWkcz and you can query/search at blockchain.info

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