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I have tasks that I can run through the command line manually, but what if I wanted it to run automatically, once a day, at noon. Can that be done with symfony or would an external process have to be used?

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You have to use your system's cron task scheduler. If you're on a shared hosting account with CPanel you can easily set that up via that interface. Otherwise, you might want to look at the following website: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-do-i-add-jobs-to-cron-under-linux-or-unix-oses/

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Normally you would use cron which would make your crontab look something like

0 12 * * * /path/to/project/symfony namespace:task arg1 arg2
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If the subject is a single job, windows task scheduler or cron for ux is enough. But if the things become more complex, you should better look for a job scheduler.

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