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Brief: Adding the objects of one ArrayList to a new ArrayList.

Entire: Here is my code, I really apologize for this code (and entire post) being so long and tedious, its just that I wanted to provide all of it in case a sample wasn't enough. I am in no way trying to get anyone to do my homework for me, I have worked to get this much code done and have hit a roadblock. For the reader, you can just skip down to where I have posted what the problem is, but the entire program is here if needed. Put simply, all I am trying to do is swap the places of 2 user specified objects within an ArrayList. I have written all of this on my own, and that's why it may not seem professional to some of you as I am a fairly new java programmer. The method I am using to do this is to create a new list where the objects are in their new and swapped places and then just overwrite the old list entirely with this new, "swapped list." If there is a better method of doing this, please let me know. I am having trouble adding the objects of one list to a new list. Thank you in advance.

About the program: The program takes input from a text file somewhere on the drive, translates the data within said file into objects (circles and rectangles, which are extensions of GeometricObject) and then adds those objects to an ArrayList called "objectList" which can be seen used throughout this program.

The problem is here:

public static <E extends Comparable<E>> void swapCells
(ArrayList<E> objectList, int left, int right) {

    /* The user may enter the two indices, "left,"
     * and, "right," in any order which they desire.
     * Because of this it will be necessary to determine
     * which is larger or "right" index, and which is
     * the smaller or "left" index

    int temp;
    ArrayList<GeometricObject> swappedList = new ArrayList<GeometricObject>();

    if (left > right) {

        // Exchanges left and right
        temp = left;
        left = right;
        right = temp;


    for (int i = 0; i < objectList.size(); i++) {

        if (i == left) {
            System.out.println( swappedList.get(i).getArea());
        } else {
            swappedList.add((E) objectList.get(i));



} // End of swapCells

I get the error:

The method add(GeometricObject) in the type ArrayList<GeometricObject> is not applicable for the arguments (E)

The error is specifically at, swappedList.add(objectList.get(right)); and also wappedList.add((E) objectList.get(i));.

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You are trying to add E objects to a list of GeometricObject. That’s why you get an error. Your list swappedList should be of type ArrayList<E>, or better: List<E>.

On the other hand, you can modify the type of the function to:

public static void swapCells(ArrayList<GeometricObject> objectList, int left, int right)

Oh, and do something with this list you’ve built. Your current code just discards it.

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What do you mean by that last part? – AlSwearengen Mar 9 '13 at 22:20
The object swappedList isn’t returned by your swapCells function, nor put into some other variable. Hence, it disappears at the end of your function body. – Etienne Miret Mar 9 '13 at 22:24
When I make the swapped list into type <E> it makes me cast to use my GeometricObject functions. I do not like this way so much anymore, is there another way? I suppose add, and remove to the original objectList would work, but is there anything else? – AlSwearengen Mar 9 '13 at 22:24
Right thats because I was hung up, I was going to make objectList equal to swappedList, simply replacing objectList altogether. Something just seems amiss with this whole thing, like im making it harder than it should be... – AlSwearengen Mar 9 '13 at 22:25
Instead of using a generic type <E>, you can change the type of swapCells to: public static void swapCells(ArrayList<GeometricObject> objectList, int left, int right) – Etienne Miret Mar 9 '13 at 22:27

I do not believe this is exactly the answer your looking for, but it may help.

If you typecast with GeomtricObject you will get a functioning code, however, this defeats the purpose of using a generic if your just going to force it into a Geometric Object.

You also need to add else if to get the left object swapped to right position

You may also want to print out the swappedList to confirm that the action has been completed.

        for (int i = 0; i < objectList.size(); i++) 
                if (i == left) {
                    swappedList.add((GeometricObject) objectList.get(right));
                }else if (i == right)
                    swappedList.add((GeometricObject) objectList.get(left));
                else {
                    swappedList.add((GeometricObject) objectList.get(i));

EDIT 2: The following will aid you in the operation you were looking for in generics.

You will need to make a temp and cast it to E. You will also need to use the following code as well in its correct arguments and/or form / notation.

        E temp
        List.set(____ , _____)
        List.get(____ )

If your still having trouble with this swap function look at one that is not Generic.

EDIT 3: You most likely have the same problem as I do, and you also need to sort the Generic. You can use the selectionSort Method below to help you on the assignment. You will need to change the method so that it works for an ArrayList instead of a Array. This means you will need to make use of the suggestions in EDIT 2 to modify the code below. You may also need to use the compareTo Method.

        private static void selectionSort(int[] list, int low, int high) { 
        if (low < high) { 
          int posMax = high; 
          int theMax = list[high]; 
          for (int i = 0; i < high; i++) { 
            if (list[i] > theMax) { 
              theMax = list[i]; 
              posMax = i; 
            }// if 
          }// for 
        list[posMax] = list[high]; 
        list[high] = theMax; 
        selectionSort(list, low, high - 1); 
        }// if 
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Thank you very much for your answer! – AlSwearengen Mar 27 '13 at 0:05

I first want to thank everyone who contributed to answering this question. I consulted with my teacher on office hours sometime last week. My teacher had me draw out a mental picture of what the problem was before writing the code, then a physical picture on paper and pencil of the process to be used. Finally after writing the code, here is the solution:

public static <E extends Comparable<E>> void swapCells
(ArrayList<E> objectList, int left, int right) {

     * Create a temporary generic object so that the left and
     * right objects can be swapped without losing any data.
    E temp = objectList.get(left);

    // Place the right object into the left position
    objectList.set(left, objectList.get(right));

     * Place the temporary (left) object into the right
     * position.
    objectList.set(right, temp);

} // End of swapCells

There was really no need to even create a second array list, when one can simply use a temporary object E.

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For the record, Etienne has also suggested using the set method. – AlSwearengen Mar 27 '13 at 0:16

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