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How to map above structure of the data in MySQL? I wonder how to assign multiple values for Tags key.

This is an example from the CouchDB tutorial.

    "Subject": "I like Plankton",
    "Author": "Rusty",
    "PostedDate": "5/23/2006",
    "Tags": ["plankton", "baseball", "decisions"],
    "Body": "I decided today that I don't like baseball. I like plankton."
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need a new table called tag and make foreign key to tag table on your (i guess) post table.. however things are not that simple if you have many to many relationship. I suggest you to resume with couchdb, no mysql.. – hgoz Mar 9 '13 at 22:05
Thank you all for your replies. I found a nice article about many-to-many relationship in MySQL. Indeed, as @hgoz advised is better to stay with CouchDB or MongoDB :) – bns May 30 '13 at 12:42

You will need 2 tables, one for the items, and another one for the item tags.

Columns in table 'items':

  • "SubjectID" (primary key, numeric, autoincrement)
  • "Subject"
  • "Author"
  • "PostedDate"
  • "Body"

Columns in table 'item_tags':

  • 'SubjectID' (primary key, foreign key)
  • 'tag' (primary key)

To populate data this way, you will first need to insert the row in the items table, then get the generated SubjectID and then use that SubjectID to insert as many tags as you want in the item_tags table.

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