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As during development I set error_reporting(-1); so I was sure that every syntax error will be shown by PHP. It is, for example

echo $ttt;

of course it gives

Notice: Undefined variable: ttt in ...

In this piece of code (a part of some class representing a row in mysql table):

public function delete(){
// ...
  $sth=$dbh->prepare('DELETE FROM tobjects WHERE IdObject=:id');

I mistyped what is now $this->fid and the deletion did not occur, no error was even to be noticed, and I spent long time to find it.

The $dbh is set elsewhere as:

$dbh=new PDO("mysql:host=XXXX;port=XXXX;dbname=XXXX",$db_user,
$db_password,array(PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_INIT_COMMAND => 'SET NAMES \'UTF8\''));

Am I doing something wrong or how is it possible that no error was given?

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"Am I doing something wrong?", well you set the error mode to exception but do not use any try/catch block to catch those exceptions... –  Wouter J Mar 9 '13 at 22:21
It is not PDO that should give an error about this. As in your echo statement, it is php that should report it. –  Captain Payalytic Mar 9 '13 at 22:21
Yes but why PHP does not show notice: Undefined variable? –  Voitcus Mar 9 '13 at 22:23
becaus is passing by reference –  Laxus Mar 9 '13 at 22:23
@WouterK yes, I know, it's development, it's not ready yet, however uncatched exception should be shown. –  Voitcus Mar 9 '13 at 22:35

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You don't see the notice because the arguments of bindParam are passed as reference.

function test(&$var) {
    // var may also be undefined


This don't throw any error. Doc: What References Do

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Thank you for help. –  Voitcus Mar 9 '13 at 22:28

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