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I´m trying to route an array of parameters in my Rails 3 app but i keep getting a 404 error.

Here´s the ajax request in my JS file:

var url = '/arrayquery?kind[]=startup&kind[]=investor'

    url: url,
    dataType: "text"

}).done(function(data) {

My routing:

match 'arrayquery/:kind', :to => 'home#arrayquery'

And my controller method:

def arrayquery
  @players = Player.where("kind = ?", params[:kind])

My browser keep throwing this line:

"NetworkError: 404 Not Found  - http://localhost:3000/arrayquery?kind[]=startup&kind[]=investor"

Does anybody know why there´s no matching route for the request?

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The route you've defined in your routes file is looking for,


Try changing the route to,

match 'arrayquery', :to => 'home#arrayquery'
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