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I have such code:

class Foo
private :

    int m_nValue;

public :

    explicit Foo(const int nValue) : 

    const int* Pointer() const
        return &m_nValue;

void Test()
    Foo obj(3);

    // I want to do something like this.
    //Assert::AreEqual(&obj.m_nValue, obj.Pointer());

I want to test Pointer() method that returns an address of the private field m_nValue. Can someone please help with some nice solution for this situation. I can make testing class/function a friend but I really don't like it.

Maybe it's not the method that should be tested. But as far as I know all public method should be tested.

Tests are written in C++ for C++ code in MSVS 2012

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You could call Pointer() twice and compare the results. That just about covers all the (defined) behavior you can get from this design. –  Beta Mar 9 '13 at 23:27

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You should not be testing the internals of the class just its observable behavior. The test should be

Asser::AreEqual( *obj.Pointer(), 3 ); 
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I guess this is the best way for my situation. Thank you! –  Pavel Dubsky Mar 9 '13 at 23:47

I always advise to not test trivial behavior. I would classify this as trivial. In the Java world this is akin (not exactly but close) to testing a getter which Martin from Clean Code advises against.

The best you could do is test that the pointer is not null and that its dereferenced value is what you expect.

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