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So I have a string like this:


From that string, I want to build an list like this:


It essentially looks for each '|' and returns the previous string from that position.

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No need to use a regular expression:

stack = []
result = []
for elem in inputstring.split('|'):
    if not elem: continue
    result.append('|' + '|'.join(stack))

which produces:

>>> result
['|item1', '|item1|item2', '|item1|item2|item3', '|item1|item2|item3|item4']

You could do this with a generator too:

def generate_items(inputstring):
    stack = []
    for elem in inputstring.split('|'):
        if not elem: continue
        yield '|' + '|'.join(stack)

for item in generate_items(inputstring):
    print item
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There is a one list solution to this problem:

out = []
for piece in items[1:].split('|'):
    out.append((out[-1] if len(out) else '') + '|' + piece)

And if you like generators:

def generate_items(inputstring):
    curr = ''
    for item in inputstring[1:].split('|'):
        curr += '|' + item 
        yield curr
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The easiest way to do it:

list(itertools.accumulate(re.findall('\|\w+', '|item1|item2|item3|item4')))
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