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I'm trying to learn Middleman to create a static site hopefully similar to the CMS that RailsCasts builds in this very clever tree-based navigation episode . The content of the site will never change once it's created, therefore I thought it might be best to have it as a static site rather than a Rails app, though I wanted to take advantage of using ruby in development. The rails app uses the ancestry gem in order to create the parent-child relationship with certain pages.

rails g scaffold page name content:text ancestry:string:index

In the Railscast, the parent-child pages can thereafter be created dynamically, even if the content will be static in the end. I'm not sure if a comparable process can be done with Middleman using the ancestry gem. Although I read the docs, I've never created a Middleman app before. I've initiated the app but now it's just a bunch of empty folders. Any tips how you might go about this? I generally need a lot of guidance when trying something new and, given the paucity of middleman tutorials, would appreciate as much detail as you could provide.



Note, ancestry gem stores the parent child information in a string on the database for each entry ancestry: "1/2"


One of the problems I see is that, to use Ancestry in Rails, I have to use has_ancestry in a class that's a subclass of Active Record. Since there's no db in middleman, it seems impossible, but I'm wondering if the data's included in a yaml file, is there a way to use has_ancestry somehow in a class that doesn't subclass Active Record

class Page < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :parent_id, :content, :name

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