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I have the following code that denotes an active tab whenever the user is on a certain subpage, in this case the Users index view.

  <li class="<%='active' if current_page?(users_path) %>">
    <%= link_to 'Users',      users_path %></li>

I'd like it so that the tab is shown as "active" whenever the user is on any of the show, edit, OR index pages.

I tried something like this:

  <li class="<%='active' if current_page?(users_path || edit_user_path || user_path) %>">
    <%= link_to 'Users',      users_path %></li>

But only users_path is recognized.

What's the correct way to build an OR statement into the current_page method?

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that should be

<li class="<%='active' if current_page?(users_path) || current_page?(edit_user_path) || current_page?(user_path) %>">

this will be hard to maintain if you're doing this to a lot of pages. You are better of using a gem for semantic navigation.

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Thanks! Do you have any suggestions on a gem for semantic navigation? – mztwo Mar 10 '13 at 1:09
we don't use one in our app but you can always go to rubygems and search rubygems.org/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=navigation – jvnill Mar 10 '13 at 1:10

This is some code I've used in previous apps.

def nav_item(copy, link)                             
  content_tag :li, class: nav_class(link) do         
    link_to copy, link                             

def nav_class(page)
  case page
  when :users     then 'active' if request.path.match(/^\/users/)
  when :projects  then 'active' if request.path.match(/^\/projects/)       

The two helper methods above will render a link inside a li tag with class="active" if the route matches the current path.

Not on a UsersController action:

<%= nav_item('Users', :users) %>  #=> <li><a href="/users">Users</a></li>

On a UsersController action:

<%= nav_item('Users', :users) %>  #=> <li class="active"><a href="/users">Users</a></li>
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