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Some details - the form is on the page which it directs to (its supposed to just refresh the page, I've done this before successfully) - I've tried these two

<%= form_tag yearly_derivatives_path(:method => "get") do %>
  <%= range_field_tag :liabilities_pctg_se_l, 50, :min => 0, :max => 100 %>
  <%= submit_tag %>
<% end %>


<%= form_tag(:method => "get") do %>
  <%= range_field_tag :liabilities_pctg_se_l, 50, :min => 0, :max => 100 %>
  <%= submit_tag %>
<% end %>
  • this is the relevant routes.rb data

    resources :yearly_derivatives

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Does this help?… – ctilley79 Mar 10 '13 at 2:11


<%= form_tag yearly_derivatives_path, :method => "get" do %>

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The default method used in form_tag is POST, I think you are trying to pass :method => "get" to yearly_derivatives_path instead of form_tag,in this case form_tag continues using the default POST method.

This should work:

<%= form_tag :action => 'send_student_report_pdf', :method => 'get' %>
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