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My end use is in rails, where I am assigning an object that implements each to the response.body of an action.

The each method is quite long and I would like to decompose it. But because of the performance difference between explicit & implicit blocks, I would like to keep the block implicit.

How do I have the decomposed methods yield to the original block?

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I met the same problem a while ago. Your solution will work until you want to decompose submethod1 further and to repass the block to the nested method. I have written a short blog post about how to use the not wide-known feature of Proc.new here, you might want to have a look at. –  mudasobwa Mar 10 '13 at 4:30

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Actually I realized how to do this right after posting my question. The answer is to call the sub-methods with a block with a parameter and yield the parameter:

def each
  submethod1 {|out| yield out}
  submethod2 {|out| yield out}
  yield "whatever"

def submethod1
  yield "submethod1"

def submethod2
  yield "submethod2"
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