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we were asked to code a certain pogram in c that would enable a user to: add a student, view all the students, search for a student and exit, with the use of structures. the program should act like a students' portal. i have this 'tentative code' that when compiled, would print an error of Segmentation fault (core dumped). so this how my code goes:


typedef struct tag1{
    int day, year, month;

typedef struct tag2{
    int number;
    char name[50];
    char course[30];
    Date birthday;

    int choice, n, i=0;
    Record student[200];

    //printing of menu:
    printf("Choose from the menu:\n");
    printf("     [1] Add Student\n");
    printf("     [2] Search Student\n");
    printf("     [3] View All\n");
    printf("     [4] Exit\n");
    scanf("%d", &choice);


            printf("Enter student number:\n");
            scanf("%d", &student[n].number);    

            printf("Enter the name of the student:\n");     
            scanf("%[^\n]", student[n].name);

            printf("Enter month of birth:\n");
            scanf("%d", &student[n].birthday.month);

            printf("Enter day of birth:\n");
            scanf("%d", &student[n].birthday.day);

            printf("Enter year of birth:\n");
            scanf("%d", &student[n].birthday.year);

            printf("Enter course:\n");
            scanf("%[^\n]", student[n].course);

            printf("%d\n", student[n].number);
            printf("%s", student[n].name);
            printf("%d/%d/%d", student[n].birthday.month, student[n].birthday.day,student[n].birthday.year);
            printf("%s", student[n].course);


i was just half way through because i have no idea on how i will search for a student. hope you have any suggestions for me to improve my code. thanks

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Where does the segfault occur? Can you run in debugger to find out? –  Floris Mar 10 '13 at 4:50

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Assuming, You use the i to iterate over students until you reach nth element.

So it should be student[i] not student[n]

This should work:



      Record current = student[i]; 

      printf("%d\n", current.number);
      printf("%s", current.name);
      printf("%d/%d/%d", current.birthday.month, 
      printf("%s", current.course);


And yes, n should be initialized to 0.

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You forgot initializing n (you probably want n=0).

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*To secrh for a student you can use like this *

int sno;
unsigned char flag=0;
printf("Enter student number to search :");

and then search this record to all record and when it matches to any record , displays that record.

for(i=0;i<n;i++) // where n is maximum number of records
     if(student[i].number == sno)
         /*** print all the member of student[i] ****/
} // end of for loop
if(0==flag) { printf("\nSorry !!! Record not found with student number : %d\n",sno); }
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