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I am trying to print out an unsigned value in binary in C++. I have found many hacks for this task such as


However, I feel that there should be a much more straightforward way, perhaps with sprintf. After all, there are very straightforward ways to print a value in hex or octal.

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Simple - Use STL bitset:


bitset<10> n (120ul); // 10 bits in this case
cout << n.to_string() << endl;
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printf familiy does not support base-2 printing. You need to use a custom or non-standard function, such as itoa (just set the base/radix to 2).

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Indeed, there is no way to write a base two printf/cout without resorting to bit masking and shifting. Although you can resort to other magic, or look around for libraries that do support it. –  Dmitry Mar 10 '13 at 5:03

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