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I have three Joomla sites, all on Joomla 2.5 and on only one I am getting this strange result: When someone in User Group "Administrator" logs in to the back-end, he is able to log in but sees no menu items, no icons, nothing but the logout link and the view site link and some other basic template stuff. Now If I also assign him to User Group "Author", when he logs in to the back-end, he sees everything fine. I have compared the permissions of this site to the permissions of the other sites and they are the same and are the default ones that come with a brand-new install.
I have spent the whole day on this and cannot figure it out. This particular site is older and has been worked on a lot, so maybe somewhere something is set wrong, but I have checked the component-level permissions, the jos_user_usergroups table, and much more. I have googled multiple forms of the question, got a few ideas, checked them out and nothing was the solutions. Any ideas?

RESOLVED IT. I modified the Access Level 3 to be for user groups Manager,Author,and Super Users. Looks like at one time I had modified it to be just Author. Now it works.

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Well maybe because its outdated first update it to 3.0 then check back.

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