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I have element with position property. So that you can select them with ORDER BY pos

item | pos
aaa  | 1
bbb  | 2
ccc  | 3

and change them to

item | pos
aaa  | 2
bbb  | 3
ccc  | 1

What is the common way to work with changing positioning?
I am using PHP+SQLite, but I think it doesn't matter.

All I can think about is changing them step by step, swapping every two adjusted things. But it will be messy if they are not adjust, for example, changing element with position x to position 1.

What is the common practices for this? Or what are the keywords for googling it?

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Just found http://jqueryui.com/sortable/ . It can be used to rearrange and then bulk update database values. Sounds like a solution, I will try it.

It has nice serialize( options ) for passing a new order to a server script.

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