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I have a script to count the number of letters in a textarea. Every message is 160 letters, so I am counting the text to see how many messages the user is making. I did this:

var msg = len / max;

but if he had like 170 letters I get 1.1 messages. I dont want to have anything like x.x, if it's 1.1 that means it's two messages. I want to make it 2 not 1.1.

How can I implement that?

 $('#msg').keyup(function () {
      var max = 10;
      var len = $(this).val().length;
      if (len >= max) {
        var msg = len / max ;
        $('#charNum').text(' you have Started a new Message , number of messages is ' + msg);
        $('#msgNum').text('you Created a New  Message');
      } else {
        var char = max - len;
        $('#charNum').text(char + ' characters left');
        $('#msgNum').text('1 Message');
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@sweetamylase It's perfectly understandable even with a couple of typos. –  Juhana Mar 10 '13 at 8:27
It wasn't understandable 40secs ago...I was so confused. Glad he made the edits. –  sweetamylase Mar 10 '13 at 8:29

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To get the number of messages, ceil the floating point value you have

var msg = Math.ceil(len / max);
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if you use

Math.ceil(len / max);

it will give upper value.

if you use

Math.floor(len / max);

it will give lower value.

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var msg = Math.ceil(len / max);

which will round the result upward to it's nearest integer

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