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i'm using XenServer, i'm connecting the pool, getting the list of all VM. now i need to loging to the VM. and to execute an exe file on all VM. anyone has any idea ?

Thank you!

connection = new Connection(url);
Session.loginWithPassword(connection, userName, Password, APIVersion.latest().toString());

Map<VM, VM.Record> vms = VM.getAllRecords(connection);
for (VM.Record record : vms.values()){
    if (!record.isATemplate){
        // now i need somehow to connect with the VM username and password
        // now i need to run an exe file.
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As far as I know, XenServer API doesn't provide any api that can execute commands in VM. And IMHO, a VMM like XenServer or VMware should not have the right to execute commands in any VM that it hosts. So , why not get the ip of all the vm and use some ssh libraries to execute the commands ?

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Use sshj's Session.exec() to execute remote commands via ssh. There's an example of doing this in the Github repo.

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